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Karan international industrial development company was established in Jubail –Saudi Arabia on 2005. The Factory was built in Jubail Industrial City -Support industries  area - section 3 under the supervision of the Royal commission Jubail  . The plant was built to support   the continuous and rapid development in the  GCC region


Our Service

Steel Gratings

Karan International Industrial Development has been established by a group of enterprises   have a rich background in both the industrial service sector, The Company strives to consistently of products and services at competitive pricing agreed time frame for delivery with...

Fabricated Gratings

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Hot-Dip Galvanizing

BENEFITS OF HOT-DIP GALVA - Corrosion resistance - zinc is inert to environment - Maintenance free - the galvanized sty does not require any other form of co paint - Life span - it increases the life of the structure by tens of...